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Virtual Classes

To join our online class, please make your payment at least 1 hour prior to start time. Once your payment is received, we'll send you a link to access the class,  and than "click start a meeting" 5 min before class

Virtual Cardio Dance + Core ( 30 min )

Wednesday 9.30am

Virtual 30 min

Our Virtual Cardio Dance + Core program is a fun and dynamic 30-minute workout that will get your heart pumping and your abs burning. This virtual class combines high-energy dance moves with core strengthening exercises to help you tone your body and improve your cardiovascular fitness. With easy- to -follow routine and up beat music, our Virtual Cardio Dance + Core program is perfect for anyone looking to add some fun and variety to their fitness routine. Join us today and let's dance our way to a healthier, happier you!

Virtual Arms + Legs + Core (50min )

Friday 9.30 am

Virtual 50 min

Join our Virtual Arms + Legs + Core class and get ready to sculpt and tone your entire body! This virtual class combined targeted exercises for your arms, legs, and core, to help you build strength, improve flexibility and boost your metabolism. To get the most out of the class , we recommend using a mat and small weights. With our easy-to-follow routines and personalized modifications, this class is suitable for all fitness levels. Don't wait any longer, join us today and let's start working towards your fitness goals together!